Our goal is to design and manufacture sustainable and efficient surface cleaning systems. Customer decides which cleaning technology to use and we integrate it in its automated line.

Within the scope of surface cleaning we are advanced in:

  • Cleaning surfaces with air blowing: the goal is to remove swarf, dust and fluids with compressed air with minimum air pressure that is still effective (a low noise emission should be selected).
  • Vacuum cleaning: comparing vacuum cleaning with cleaning with compressed air, vacuum technology is much safer but less effective.
  • Blowing with ionized air: air ionization is the most effective method of eliminating static charges on nonconductive materials and isolated conductors. Electrostatically charged surfaces can be neutralized quickly using this technique.
  • Cleaning with laser: laser surface cleaning is the removal of contaminants or impurities on the surface of a material by physically removing the upper layer of the substrate using laser irradiation.